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Data Literacy for Data Science

Strategic Data Decisions - What it means to be Data Driven

These days, businesses are desperate to implement data science solutions like Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning but often get bogged down in the minutia or simply don't know where to start. Other organizations may want to implement self-service analytics or Business Intelligence solutions but fail to get buy-in from executives or from the employees (or both!). Why? The one, common root cause: lack of data literacy.

Data literacy is the fundamental pillar of a successful data science/data analytics program. Further, organizations will have varying degrees of failure at becoming data-driven without a data literacy program. Without a firm understanding of data, companies risk failure of their data-driven projects.

Data & Analytics done the Right Way

It's doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be expensive. Start small. Maybe with an executive affirmation that empowers employees to be data literate. Then, build the data literacy policy into the strategic plan and the Enterprise Architecture. From there, you can begin to bring the entire organization into a data literate world where anything is possible for your company. 

Millennium Technology Group LLC provides the data literacy leadership for companies needing strategic direction using data driven techniques. From process improvement to marketing or web site analysis, MTGLLC can make your decisions data-driven!

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"Data provides you with the insight to analyze your past, optimize your present, and make strategic decisions for the future. The key question is: In a world of big data and information on demand, how do you accelerate time to insight and action? Microsoft Services can help by delivering powerful data solutions that make it easier and faster to gather and prepare data and get it to the people who need it." - Microsoft BI

"Education costs money. But then so does ignorance." 

— Sir Claus Moser

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